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emporia ev charger

Emporia EV Charger Review – Level 2 Charging

The Emporia charger is one-third cheaper than its competitors despite the excellent specifications. Is it worth buying? Read here …

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Grizzl e smart ev charger

Grizzl-E Smart EV Charger Review

Looking for a reliable and versatile EV charger for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle? Check out our review of the Grizzl-E Smart …

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different types of ev charging plugs

Different Types of EV Chargers, Modes & Connectors

The first thing that every electronic vehicle owner must have is the right cable connector and EV chargers nearby. No matter what it would be: electrical socket inside the home, a wall fast charger, or powerful rapid charger is a requirement to drive an electronic car.   Below you will find…

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ccs type 2 ev charger plug

EV Plug Type – CCS Type 2 (SAE J3068)

CCS Type 2 cables (SAE J3068, Mennekes) are used to charge EV produced for Europe, Australia, South America and many others. This connector supports single- or three-phase alternating current. Also, for DC charging it was extended with direct current section to CCS Combo 2 connector. Most of EVs created nowadays…

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ev plug type GBT charging standard

EV Plug Type – GB/T Charging Standard

The GB/T Plug EV, also known as the GBT, is a Chinese-made standard for EV charging. Read below the characteristics and types of connectors used in the GB/T Plug EV standard. Contents: GB/T Specifications AC charging DC fast charging Pinout GB/T AC to Type 1 or Type 2 CHAdeMO Adapter…

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ccs type ev charger plug

EV Plug Type – CCS Type 1 (SAE J1772-2009)

Type 1 cables (SAE J1772, J Plug) are used to charge EV produced for North America, South Korea and Japan with alternating single-phase current. Due to its slow charging speed, it was replaced by the Combined Charging System (CCS) Combo Type 1 (SAE J1772-2009). Almost all modern electric vehicles have…

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What Is Tesla Preconditioning

Tesla $25K Model 2 Hatchback Theory

When will the new budget Tesla production begin and how this car look like …

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How To Change Horn Sound on Tesla Model 3, S, X, Y

How to change horn sound in Tesla

New Easter Egg for Tesla owners dedicated to X-mas 2020 appeared in EV firmware …

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Tesla Cars Common Problems, Faults, Issues and Solutions

Tesla Cars Common Problems, Faults, Issues and Solutions

Most common problems, that happens with owners of Tesla cars and it’s solutions.

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