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tesla public charging cars heavy

Why Are Electric Cars So Heavy? – The 5 Top Reasons

Are you ready to discover the hidden truth about electric cars? You may have asked, “Why Are Electric Cars So Heavy compared to traditional cars with internal combustion engines?” This added weight has implications for safety, handling, and performance, and…

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how long can electric car idle

How Long Can An Electric Car Idle

So, you’ve finally made the switch to an electric car. Congratulations! You’re doing your part for the environment and enjoying a smoother, quieter ride. But wait… you have some errands to run and need to leave your car idling while…

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do electric vehicles need to warm up?

Do Electric Cars Need To Warm Up?

Do you own an electric car and live in a region with cold weather? If so, you may be wondering whether you need to warm up your electric car before driving it. The answer to this question is not straightforward,…

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what percentage of cars are electric?

What Percentage of Vehicles Are Electric in The USA?

You might think, ‘Electric cars are cool, but they’re still too expensive, and there aren’t enough charging stations.’ While these concerns are valid, the truth is that electric cars are becoming more accessible and popular in the United States, so…

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electric vehicle insurance cost

Electric Vehicle Insurance Cost – Everything You Need To Know

Are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle but worried about the insurance cost? Insuring an electric car can be more expensive than a gas-powered car due to higher purchase and repair costs. However, there are ways to save on insurance,…

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electric vehicle timeline

Electric Vehicles Timeline – The History Of Electric Cars

Are you curious about the history of electric vehicles? Well, you’re lucky because this article covers the timeline of electric vehicles. In this article, we will look closer at the timeline of electric cars, from their early development in the…

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why can't electric vehicle charge itself

Why Can’t Electric Vehicles Recharge Themselves While Driving?

Do you ever ponder the question, “Why can’t electric vehicles recharge themselves while driving?” Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles as a more sustainable mode of transportation, this remains a major obstacle that needs to be overcome. While technologies…

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electric vehicles in US

What Electric Vehicles Are Made In The USA? – Our Top 5 Picks

Do you hear the hum of electric vehicles on the road? The sound of progress and sustainability is growing louder every day. As the electric vehicle market expands, navigating the options available and determining which are made in the USA…

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solar charging electric vehicle

Solar Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System – The Complete Guide

You’re likely aware of the increasing demand for electric vehicles, but you may not know that one of the most significant drawbacks of these eco-friendly cars is their long charging time. Finding a charging station in remote areas can be…

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electric vehicle timeline

Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?

Are you considering purchasing an electric car but worried about the potential health risks? A question on many drivers’ lips is, “Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?” In this article, we will address this very important issue so that you can…

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