Nissan Skyline’s Next-Gen Model Will be an EV Crossover

The Nissan Skyline is going through a lot of modifications, and a new model that will be an electric crossover will debut in 2025. BestCar, a Japanese car journal, has revealed the plans of Nissan.

The Infiniti Q50 sedan is marketed in Japan as a member of the Nissan Skyline family, which is built there. There will be an electric automobile to take the place of the existing Nissan Skyline Crossover. The vehicle was originally intended to be a hybrid, but its design was altered. Nissan will release 19 electrified vehicles by 2030, including the Skyline. In order to provide a sportier alternative to the Ariya model, which uses the same platform, the next Nissan Skyline will be a coupe-crossover.

Renderings suggest that it will have a sloping arched roof and a tall window line, with many shared characteristics with the Ariya. The electric crossover is expected to be very powerful, with some predicting that it will be equipped with two 218-horsepower engines from the Ariya, delivering a total output of 436 hp, while others suggest it could have increased power of up to 450 or 490 hp.

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