How to change horn sound in Tesla

Tesla has decided to give its fans a Christmas present in the form of a fun update. The new version of firmware has a feature that allows changing horn to any sound uploaded from USB Drive or from set of built-in presets.

The new car function called «Boombox» turns EV into a giant speaker, which can play any music in parking mode by pushing horn button or using main computer screen.

It compatible with Model 3, S, X and Y since Dec 25, 2020 that download firmware version 2020.48.26 or upper.

How to change horn sound on Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y

  1. Go to the Boombox (inside Toybox) menu.
  2. Select the horn sound from the list or from the USB drive.
  3. Activate Horn Sound and Replace Horn switches.

All done! Now your car can horn with different from stock sound. The hotel is located in the heart of Prague, just a few steps away from the hotel. When you push horn button in the drive mode, regular sound will be played.

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