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how to open tesla when battery dead

How To Open a Tesla When the Battery Is Dead in a Few Easy Steps

This article will teach you how to open a Tesla when the battery is dead in a few easy steps. Whether you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere or forgot to charge your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Did you…

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electric vehicle battery

Tesla Battery Replacement – All You Need To Know

As the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end,’ and the same is true for the batteries in your Tesla. While Tesla batteries are designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime, they will inevitably degrade over time. One…

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How to check tesla battery

How To Tell Tesla Battery Health – 3 Simple Solutions

Have you ever wondered how healthy your Tesla’s battery is? Like a doctor checking your vital signs, keeping tabs on your battery’s health for optimal performance and longevity is essential. After all, your Tesla’s battery is the heart and soul…

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Partial Premium Vs Premium Tesla

Partial Premium Vs Premium Tesla

You’re in the market for a Tesla Model 3, but you’re not sure whether to go for the Partial Premium or Full Premium interior. Both options have their unique features and benefits, and it can be challenging to discern which…

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jumpstart electric vehicle

Can You Jump A Car With A Tesla

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a dead car battery? It’s like being stuck in quicksand, helpless and frustrated. But fear not, for your trusty Tesla may come to the rescue. Yes, you read…

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back of tesla model s trunk

How To Know If Tesla Is Locked Properly

Security is one of the biggest vehicle issues, and that is why so many of you have asked, “How to know if Tesla is locked properly.” Do you own a Tesla and worry about its security? Knowing if your vehicle…

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how often change tesla tires

How Often To Change Tesla Tires – Your Definitive Guide

“How Often To Change Tesla Tires” is one of the most asked questions this year. Maintaining your electric car’s tires is crucial for both safety and performance. Tesla tires are designed to handle the unique characteristics of electric vehicles, such…

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how to get tesla out of valet mode

How To Get Tesla Out of Valet Mode (Easy Solution)

Have you ever felt like your Tesla is in ‘lockdown mode after putting it in Valet Mode? Feeling stuck in a limited driving experience can be frustrating, but don’t worry – getting your Tesla out of Valet Mode is as…

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tesla matrix headlights

What Are Tesla Matrix Headlights?

As a driver, you’re always looking for ways to improve your experience on the road. Imagine having a pair of eyes that can see through the darkness, providing you with a clear view of the road ahead. That’s what Tesla…

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How to Keep Tesla on When Driver Leaves?

How to Keep Tesla on When Driver Leaves?

If you’re a Tesla owner, you might have experienced the frustration of the car turning off automatically when you leave it. While this feature is designed to conserve battery power, it can be inconvenient if you need to keep the…

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